University of Potsdam, Sept 13, 2016

SAFA proceedings are available here.

Slides of all the talks are available here .

Morning session 1. Chair: Federico Cerutti
09.45--10.00: Welcome
10.00--11.00: Invited talk by Prof. Stefan Woltran: Advanced Systems for Abstract Argumentation - Trends and Challenges
11.00--11.15: Break

Morning session 2. Chair: Sarah Gaggl
11.15--11.45: Using Matrix Exponentials for Abstract Argumentation. Carl COREA, Matthias THIMM.
11.45--12.15: Introducing EqArgSolver: An argumentation solver using equational semantics. Odinaldo RODRIGUES.

12.15--14.00: Lunch break

Afternoon session 1. Chair: Odinaldo Rodrigues
14.00--14.30: Adapting the DF-QuAD Algorithm to Bipolar Argumentation. Antonio RAGO, Kristijonas CYRAS, Francesca TONI.
14.30--15.00: SESAME -- A System for Specifying Semantics in Abstract Argumentation. Philippe BESNARD, Sylvie DOUTRE, Van Hieu HO, Dominique LONGIN.
15.00--15.15: Introducing the Second International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation. Sarah Alice GAGGL, Thomas LINSBICHLER, Marco MARATEA, Stefan WOLTRAN.
15.15--15.45: Break

Afternoon session 2. Chair: Stefan Woltran
15.45--16.15: Extending the DIAMOND System to work with GRAPPA. Matti BERTHOLD.
16.15--16.45: A Pilot Study in Using Argumentation Frameworks for Online Debats. Federico CERUTTI, Alexis PALMER, Ariel ROSENFELD, Jan SNAJDER, Francesca TONI.
16.45: Discussion and Closing

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